A little glimpse into my thinking process…

I hate that being sexually open is something you have to hide. I get it. I work in a extremely professional corporate office. I am sure if I walked around talking about how much I love giving sloppy wet blow jobs and how I masturbate in our office bathroom I would be fired. And let’s face it. I still need to be employed, I need benefits and a pension. That’s life!

What I love most about working as a companion is getting to explore my deepest, perverse sexual fantasies with my respectful amazing clients. No judgment, no questions, no weird looks. Acceptance. The beginning of the week I work in an office, attending business meetings, arranging appointments and basically ensuring everyone meets their deadlines and their week goes smoothly. But boy. Is it painful. Because I’m so damn horny all the time. It’s like cruelty. I can’t even look at our board room table without imagining being fucked hard on it. Or giving a blow job to the quiet guy in the cubicle to the left of me during business hours. Or bending over to pick up a file folder I dropped in front of my male boss to make sure he can see I’m not wearing any panties. And so it goes. Week after week.

Don’t think it gets any different dating boys in my normal life. My last relationship was doomed from the start! Oh, he was a lovely man. Respectful. Good looking. Plain. He took me one weekend to get a couples massage in Niagara Falls. It was amazing! Until…well…ok hear me out. We go in for our massage. Of course our massage attendants are both female. And hot as fuck. They tell us to undress and they will be back in 5 mins. My sweet boyfriend gets undressed, I kiss him and get undressed also, and go to my massage table. The massage girls enter the room and immediately my pussy starts twitching. Uh oh! Our massages begin. I can hear the movement of my boyfriends masseuse rubbing him with the oil. My masseuse starts with me. And my thoughts go into overdrive. All I can think of is - I want my boyfriends masseuse to give him such an intense blow job. I want him to cum so hard while I’m getting rubbed my this other sexy lady massaging me. I want him to think he has to be quiet because he doesn’t want me to know. I realize I’m getting extremely wet. I am so turned on. I can’t even focus on the massage. Fuck what a waste of money! Haha.

Ok. Fast forward. Massage ends. The girls leave. I look at my boyfriend, smiling. And I mistakenly tell him the whole time I was really picturing him getting sucked off and cumming hard by his masseuse. He looked horrified. “What is wrong with you?!” Poor boy. I knew then. This won’t work. Nope. We left. Went back to our hotel room. Fucked hard in our hotel room. I came three times. He was done after 2. We both decide to shower separately after. When it was my turn to shower, I masturbated 2 more times to the thought of him being sucked off by that girl. Phew.

So. Needless to say. I couldn’t handle him. I need wild. I need crazy. I can’t handle plain…until my next poor victim I’ll stick with the amazing clients I have that appreciate the fact I would love to see them get fucked by another girl. Let me watch. :)

Cassandra Cox