Goodbye 2017!

I just wanted to wish all my clients and friends in the industry a very happy holiday season! What a year this has been.  For me personally, there has been heartache and some pain, but mostly new growth and development for how I can be a better person all around.

I have quite the busy, double life.  I recently let everyone know that I am a young Mom (32 is young, right?), so it's not always easy juggling another job, this, and motherhood. I advertise in Toronto, but I live over an hour away.  I put a lot of dedication, planning, and energy into my work as a companion. But in all honesty, it excites me. It is all SO WORTH IT! I love making kids lunches, driving to school in baggy sweaters, and having no one in a million years assume I would be an escort. Then, carrying on my route into the city and revamping into my sexy attire.  Haha!  My little secret.  OUR little secret! My goals for 2018 are to keep kicking ass and rocking and not stopping!

I want to thank all of my clients for being so amazing to me.  My regulars, the new dudes, the new ladies I've met, all of you are just simply wonderful.  I have had so many wonderful dates this year, time spent in luxury hotels, average hotels, amazing meals from eating sushi naked in bed together. For me, it's not the ritzy expensive hotel or meals that matter, but the connection and time I have with you. It's never about the gifts, or being pampered.  It's the little things that matter. The cutest thing for me is a lot of clients have brought me true crime books.  You have no idea how much I love this and I have no officially read them all!  So thank you.  I don't care about the brand names or luxury items.  A simple gesture like those books and that you read my interests on my web page shows me how much you care!  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I love the stories I hear, the time we share, the food, times. You make being a companion something I couldn't imagine ever giving up.  Most of my clients have told me that it completes me.  I believe it.  I had a bit of a detox this week, not checking email or texts, simply catching up with my family and friends, cooking, and celebrating this Christmas season.  As lovely as it was, I missed the Twitter interaction and emails.  You all truly brighten my day!  I am looking forward to meeting new people this new year.  Trying different things, and being more dedicated.  I also wanted to apologize to those who I have cancelled on in December.  I had one month straight of coughing and being sick. (Sexy eh...)  I think it's on it's way out, thank goodness!  Let me assure you, my biggest goal for 2018 is to be someone you can rely on with an appointment.  MY PROMISE!

On that note...good riddance 2017! It's been swell.  But I'm ready for 2018.  BRING IT!

Much love,




Cassandra Cox