My memorable dates

Being a companion is the biggest source of excitement in my life.  I LOVE IT!  I always think to myself while driving...Oh my god.  I want to do this forever!  Although I have another job, this one takes most of my time.  Responding to emails, planning my week, and then the dates itself.  My other job I just show up in my sexy office wear, walk around innocently, and basically make sure my superior has his day planned out right.  (No, we have never EVER fooled around. This corporate job is so strict I would never dare tempt anyone there....or wait.....nah....I wouldn't!) 

Sometimes it's hard flipping back and forth between the two lives.  But it's all good.  I like the change.  I like the switch.

I am sure any girl who is a companion can agree that there are highs and lows to the job.  And there are some dates that just blow you away, and others that you think...oh my!  What the heck just happened?!  Regardless, here are some memorable dates I have had, which gives insight into who I am :) Please note: there are both good, weird and....bad.  Haha

1) I once had a client book a few hours, during the time we were....engaging in a second round...we heard water dripping.  We look and see that there was legit flooding going all the way to the bed.  We stop.  Mid boner.  He walks to the bathroom, and sees the toilet completely overflowed and was continuing to overflow! It was legit a FLOOD! Naked, I hand him towels as he starts trying to sop up the water.  He is naked too, but he lost his boner.  I think the toilet water kinda turned him off.... We had to call maintenance to come in.  Turns out the switch was broken on the toilet.  We got a new room.  And finished our business ;)

2) My first time squirting.  Memorable all around.  I made him keep doing it to me.  I couldn't believe something like that could happen.  Most exciting thing ever.  I was like a crazed lunatic " do it again to me!"  He obliged.  I never have been so dehydrated the day after.

3) Birthday rendez-vous! I had a client plan a gigantic birthday surprise for me, with clues and numbered boxes to open.  I think there was like 11 boxes of gifts to open, all things that I loved.  The last clue to open was him.  Then he opened me. I squirted for him too. How cute!

4) I had a really really cute and handsome client come in and he was young.  This always makes me nervous.  I find older men give me more confidence as they are so confident themselves.  So, I get a little rattled. As I was trying to walk all sexy to the bed after taking his coat, my heel caught on the comforter of the bed and I fell the UGLIEST fall ever flat on my face.  It was at that moment I was like...okay.  You can't escape this moment.  This just happened.  Luxury companion right here, sprawled all over the floor.  He just laughed, helped me up.  My face was legit red.  My knees had carpet burn - and it sure as hell wasn’t from getting fucked.  Thank GOD he was so cool - I was mortified! 

5) Being fucked against a window with people watching.  He was carrying me, had me pushed against the window of the hotel, my ass cheeks cold from the window.  enough said.

6) Being taken to an amazing restaurant for dinner and ordering so much food I make him let me pay for half.  I just couldn’t justify it! Then, we were so full we actually just watched two movies, feeling sick haha.  The morning after we made up for it.

7) Being taken to one of the most amazing spas in Toronto by the sweetest guy ever.  We got the romantic room (or whatever the hell it's called).  Before our massages, the masseuses told us they would give us 5 minutes to get undressed.  I gave him a blowie the minute she left the room, taking only about 1 minute.  When they came back he was really relaxed and able to enjoy his massage thoroughly. :) So was I! 

8) Telling a client I loved Negan from the Walking Dead, and having him order a mug with Negan on it for me, surprising me with it.  I drink my coffee out of it every day.  

9) Being given countless, thoughtful gifts from clients.  Whether it's favourite pieces from Victoria Secret, Skittles, Jewelry, Vibrators, Boots, or...hamburgers...(yes,burgers OMG!) - it's memorable every time and wins me over.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness.  I love clients that understand my love of food.  If a date will be longer then 3 hours, they know me well enough to say "Okay.  So what am I going to do about food for you".  It's so cute. :) 

10) Accidentaly burping mid sentence while drinking beer with one of my more laid back rugged clients.  He just looked at me wide eyed.  And then applauded, and said "Marry me." I could put a man to shame.  (Still interested in booking me? ;) ) 

11) Being so wild in the sack, I fell off the bed bouncing away.  We just carried on - on the floor. I am sure EVERY girl can relate to this one. 

12) Winery and lunch date - this was the summertime.  It was so beautiful! And fun! 

13) Rollerblading date.  I had a guy come up and tour MY city.  I took him to the best rollerblading spot.  We ate ice cream outside.  Then got a hotel later.  I LOVE THE OUTDOORS!

14) I end this with my WEIRDEST experience ever.  I once had a guy come in, when I worked at the agency.  He had never been with the agency before, and he seemed fairly normal.  well spoken, well dressed.  He showers, comes sits down beside me on the bed, and looks at me and starts dropping hints like "You look like your real name would be..." And he gets my name right from real life.  Okay, I think.  that's a one off.  He then goes into other things "Funniest thing, looks like you would live in this city..." Gets the city right.  Then starts saying more personal things about me.  I freak the FUCK out.  Tell him to get out.  He then tells me he's a psychic.  I think he meant to say PSYCHOTIC.  I called the agency to escort this man out of the room.  He apologized and said he honestly was just guessing and wasn't meaning to freak me out and that he has a sixth sense.  Never heard from him again, neither did the agency.  WEIRD!

And that's a wrap! There are countless other stories I have, but these ones stick out in particular.  Thank you for reading! Until next time, enjoy this LOVELY day! 

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Cassandra Cox