Some News!

Hello everyone! It has been so long since I have posted!  This blog today is more intended to keep you in the loop with my life lately and let you know of the changes that will be happening!  I also wanted to say I appreciate everyone who emails me and messages on Twitter, I am sorry I don't always have the time to respond, but it's so amazing to have so much support from everyone.

Okay, where shall I start? Oh!  Changes!  In the near future, I am going to consistently work out of Downtown Toronto.  What used to scare me does not anymore.  ( I told you I live in the country right?  Yes...cornfields and horses in my back yard.)  Dirt biking, getting dirty, that's my kinda thing.  I love the serene, simple life.  Coming into the city has always been a challenge for me due to my fear of how big it is and how busy.  I usually drive in, so I didn't realize parking was like the Hunger Games.  I mean I wouldn't even know where to park!  But gradually, the more I come downtown, I am mesmerized by the life in the city.  I am exploring new places, I am learning where to park without getting a ticket, and I am LOVING it.  The food?  Do not even get me started.  So many options, so much goodness.  YUM!  I am deeply falling in love with downtown.  And I am embracing it!  I've been looking at a condo so that I have a place to stay and can accomodate the early morning appointments everyone inquires about :)  (Although not too early, I am NOT a morning person, but I do LOVE morning romps!) So I will keep you all posted with this.  In the meantime I will still have places to use downtown to accomodate our time together.

On to the next subject: my members section on my website.  Guess what? I am actually going to start ADDING photos and videos and be sending out a monthly newsletter.  Isn't that exciting?  You will now have a purpose to actually sign up!  I know many of you have said "Um, so do you ever actually have anthing on your members section?"  Yes, my loves, now I will!  So stay tuned! However, the website doesn't allow any explicit content.  Sometimes twitter doesn't either!  Which brings me to my next point...

Snapchat!  I am going to let you guys know when it goes live.  I am going to have this for you to show you that dirty, explicit side.  When I know more details, I will let you know.  There will be a small monthly membership fee and I will be posting two to three times a week. That fee will be $25 a month, or $125 annually.  Feel free to send me an email with any questions in regards to this and I will answer for you.  I was hesitant to do the Snapchat only because I felt silly asking for a fee for something I genuinely LOVE to do (take sexy pictures!) but this will be easier to run and give me incentive to post and be active on it.

My availability is the next item on the agenda.  I will be available more starting in May and touring more cities and provinces.  Early May I am starting with...OTTAWA!!!  Ottawa boys watch out!  In regards to my schedule, I will post my schedule every week on Sunday morning, without fail.  

Hmm, what else do I need to tell you.  I am sipping on my coffee on this beautiful Sunday morning and I feel like I am just rambling.  Well, I think that's about it for now!

It feels so good to be more organized.  I am looking forward to meeting more of you and showing you the Cassandra that is motivated, excited and ready for every new adventure! Thank you all for making me smile all the time and making me feel like a princess.   I enjoy every minute of this life as a companion and want to do more for you, like you do for me!

Until next time, 


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Cassandra Cox