Why I love my clients...

I am going to be honest.  I am scared to take on new clients.  Why? Isn't that the purpose of my job?  Get clients, get appointments.  For me, even though I have never really had an issue with a bad client I still worry a lot.  I carefully screen, and go with my gut instinct.  There is no amount of money in the world that is worth it to me to risk my safety for a few hundred dollars.  Also, I don't do this full time.  So for me to go all the way to downtown Toronto (country girl remember?) or anywhere near there, it better be worth my time and energy.  Although I am freaky as hell in bed - I need to like you first!  Establish a connection.  Feel special.  Enjoy myself.  With me I don't fake anything.  It has to be real.  I need to ask questions, know who I am seeing.  I am thankful when new clients are forthcoming providing references and being honest.  I appreciate it so much.  I understand it is risky for them to divulge personal details like their name or work so when they do to make me feel comfortable, I put my utmost trust and faith in them and assume they are a very good person.

When I worked at the agency, my approach wasn't like this.  I was eager for the TERB review, to take on as many clients as I could, not thinking a whole lot about safety or who they were.  Not even getting to know them!  Get in, shower, hello penis, bye penis, shower, out, bye.  Mind you, this is not being judgmental.  This may be how others prefer it.  Clients and SP's.  Just purely physical and transactional.  But perhaps by me sharing my point of view, it will direct those to me that ARE looking for the approach that I am talking about.

Since I have become Indy, the clients that are dubbed my "regulars" have not only been there for me in a business sense - but emotionally as well.  Telling me I deserved the price increase.  Telling me to be picky.  Telling me I am worth it.  Offering support and guidance, and also friendship.  Most of my regulars will book me, then we go out to eat after and just shoot the shit (so to speak, excuse my country slang).  Why?  Because they know after a passionate session all I can think about is food.  (Steak!!!)  Guess what - sometimes I even pay for their meal!  BECAUSE I VALUE THEIR TIME!!!  Which brings me to my next point...

I have recently noticed a thread on TERB about how $300 is the new norm for seeing a companion.  I have been reading through the responses from both the clients and the SP's.  Some of what I read was disturbing.  Why I love my regular clients is because they can see through the bullshit of this thread.  I really do not understand the debate about price with a companion.  It has been said before and again and again.  If you can't afford it don't do it! Most agencies do offer amazing pricing of 250/hour for companions.  We in Canada are so very lucky for this variety.  We really are!

Why I chose $350 as my starting rate is because I knew I was worth that.  I do not see many men per day nor work every day.  If I book a hotel, I typically pay over $200+.  Now I don't even feel it worth going into the nitty gritty about the expenses (hair, make up, travel, condoms, lube, outfits) but honestly if any men have ever been to a lingerie store, Stag Shop or Victoria's Secret, $50.00 isn't buying you a lot!).  Last week I had a special client coming to see me (my regular - you know who you are!) and I spent 250 worth of tape, gag balls and other freaky stuff so that we could play with it.  I wanted him to have fun and I knew I would certainly use the stuff after! (Ladies if you want the name of the vibrator I bought message me...HOLY HELL was it nice!) When the lady at the Stag Shop told me what my bill was for three items I was like "WHOA 250? Okay...sex really does sell!"  Haha.  Did I complain? NO!

I am getting off track here.  Any companion who you ask that thoroughly enjoys her job and enjoys being a companion will tell you that although the money is good - it is not our primary motivator. Any girl that does this strictly for the money doesn't last very long.  I do this because I know I can have an exceptional interaction with the opposite sex - and sometimes the same sex - emotionally, physically, sexually.  The money is certainly an added bonus.  It has given me freedom to pursue my dreams, live in a beautiful home, drive a brand new car (a Korean import), and support myself as an individual.  When people try to negotiate rates or complain it's so offensive.  When we say it's our time we are selling it is really true.  The administrative work that goes behind this job, responding to clients, photoshoots, time spent getting your hair done for hours (GROSS worst thing ever for me, I would rather get root canal then sit and get my hair done) and even just travel time to appointments is insane!  Do you also know the plethora of emails and texts that come in that are just bat shit crazy weird?  Filtering through them is humorous but tedious to say the least!

Omg.  I get so off track.  The title of this blog was why I love my clients.  Why do I love them?  Because they value me.  They appreciate me.  They take care of me.  They respect me.  They see my worth.  They don't question the rates.  They don't question my time.  Oh, and they watch me eat a fricken huge ass steak.  They remember the little things that make me unique and give me gifts that may seem minuscule, but are so huge in my eyes!  (Some thoughtful gifts I have received thus far?  CAA membership, Walking Dead mug, Josh Donaldson bobblehead, stuffed Koala Bear (fav animal) WINE UPON WINE UPON WINE, lush bath bombs, Books on intellectual stuff, True Crime novels, Android boxes, Home and garden gift cards, and Converse shoes! ) When a man enters my room and he compliments me, hands me my envelope together with respect and love it makes me want to rip their pants off and...YOU KNOW!

I think I tell most of my clients that. I have said "You know the way you treat me makes me just want to suck your dick so damn good?"  Pull my hair, spank me, tell me what to do.  You earned me.  You earned it all.  And it makes me want to do so much more for you.   It is so true.  Nothing sexier than a man making you feel worth it. 

I'll end my blog with thanking those regulars of mine who always make me feel like a princess and making my business flourish - and to all the new men I haven't met yet - couples - women - whoever you are - I look forward to meeting you!  Yes I am scared to meet new people.  But with the right conversation and right information, I am so excited about the potential to build a very amazing relationship.

Enjoy the rainy day everyone!  :)


Cassandra Cox