Rate increase change

So, the day has officially come where I have raised my rates. I am a total low volume girl, so after much deliberation, I decided it was the most beneficial and reasonable decision for myself personally. Because I am not from Toronto, and because I am low volume, I rent my own hotels, drive to the location, etc.

This topic has been discussed numerous times, so it's not really worth explaining what goes into each appointment cost wise. When I say low volume, what I mean is that I am not taking in client after client. Normally the time I book with you is meant for me and you - no rush, no one before or after. I am not a production line and have no desire to be!

Although some may find it offence, I do not mind if a gentlemen asks if he can be my first/only of the day. I do prefer it. I do know my value and my worth, and what I offer in a session, not only sexually but emotionally. I hope everyone understands and I know it may not be affordable to some, but unfortunately I have to do it, while keeping in line with a lot of the other top girls in the industry.

I have also added some new things to my rates packages. For appointments over 3 hours I now allow photographs and taping/video. I am a bit frisky like that and LOVE being on camera and having special memories to keep for after. This can also be arranged with my beloved regular clients, even if the date isn't as long. (Just cause I love you so much!)

In other news, today I am having a beach photoshoot and will be eager to share those new photos with you this week! Just wait until you see my outfit... I am excited for all these changes and appreciate every one of you! Thank you for treating me so well and making me so happy!

Cassandra Cox