Random things I have learned during my years as a companion:


1) Never assume and never judge. You know that saying can’t judge a book by it’s cover? Yeah. How true! As companions, we meet people from every walk of life. Nothing is always what it seems! People choose to see escorts for so many different reasons. And they are all OKAY! When you come to me, you’ve entered a safe place. I’m not there to judge or question. I am there to offer and provide you a mind blowing experience. Whether you’re married, or single, young or old, you don’t owe me any explanation.  And trust that I do not judge or assume!

2)Foreplay is amazing. I love drawing out the experience and taking my time with someone. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the odd quickie here or there. But nothing turns my crank more than exploring every little bit of you until you’re ready to burst. Patience sir. Haha. 

3) I have learned that certain foods should be banned. Haha. I’m talking red onions. The smell lingers a longgggg time. Garlic I don’t mind too much. But the red onions gotta go and shouldn’t be consumed even a day prior to an appointment. Actually you know what else should be not consumed? That pizza pizza garlic dip. I’ve smelled it on my child’s breath one time for 3 days. 3 fucking days!!! That shit is POTENT. 

4) Showers are awesome! A shower is your friend! Even though you may have showered in the morning before your date - it is stlll essential to do it again! Think of your balls not being able to breathe during that car ride. Think of how trapped and warm they are. You would be surprised how quickly they get...um...well....sweaty. So wash it up. Heck, take the ten minute shower on me, my time! But please just do it. I learned I really hate having to ask someone to do it. Oh! Also cold and flu season is among us, so it’s good to wash those pesky germs off your hands! My area “down under” is pristine and I wanna keep it that way! 

5) Now I need to talk about the 69 position. The 69 position isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, I’m willing to do it, but it’s extremely hard to coordinate and I’m legit staring straight at your asshole when I’m down there. So if you realllllllllly wanna do it, make sure the area down there is top notch cause I’ll be getting a close up! Teehee! Just a friendly disclaimer. And fine, I’ll be honest. I’m not the most coordinated so it’s hard for me! 

6) Grey hair is super fucking sexy. Enough said. 

7) Kindness and compassion make me wet and you best be certain I will treat you like a king.  

8) Asking me what my “menu” is repulses me. The only menu I will discuss is the restaurant of my favourite food. Companions are human beings. We provide a service and an experience - absolutely. But not a menu. Ick. (Insert dry heave)

9) Having a sense of humour is KEY. I love to laugh. And being witty, I will prob throw you a couple of one liners making you laugh. So let’s laugh and have fun!


10) Offering discounts is a bad idea. Let me rewind...I often would try and give discounts to my regulars or a discount if I cancelled suddenly. But it got out of hand. Suddenly those one hour dates that I offered half off for wanted to book for double the time ( cause they were getting half off remember?!) That was not nice. I invest so much time and energy into my date with you. I pay an assistant and I pay rent by the hour. Also, I found out the hard way that my loyal regulars would still see other women at their full rate and it ruined our relationship and I felt taken advantage of. Discounts are a nice gesture and it most definitely shows good character, but it really isn’t advisable in this industry. Keeping things consistent and the same for everyone, is fair and keeps things normal. Ya feel me?

11) Being a companion has made me a better young mother. Yep. I said it. I am more patient, kind, and show way more compassion. I am able to do things with my kids that I never would have been able to otherwise. I am around more, and I am “present”.  I spend time with them, way more than I ever have! So when asked the question “how do you do this as a Mom? Aren’t you afraid of your kids finding out?” I hesitate to answer. Because, yes, I don’t want them knowing certain things. But I am definitely not ashamed of this career. I am proud to be so involved in their lives and offer them so much. 

12) A lot of companions have partners in real life. While it is definitely challenging, it does work! Every one has a different relationship/marriage. Some partners are understanding and aware. And it is OKAY!  Again - who are we to judge?!?!

13) I still don’t know the best remedy for...gas. Sometimes certain positions can trigger...noises. Haha. And I’m still learning the best way to not have it happen if I suddenly laugh. Or get in a compromising position where my legs are behind my head. I guess maybe I need to learn the art of distraction.  “Oh! What was that noise? Weird! Hey is it snowing outside?”  Teehee. Hey. We are human remember?

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