Sugar and spice and realizing many girls are just not nice...

Most blogs I have written share my sexuality and personality.  But lately, I have felt compelled to write something that probably most of us ladies can relate to.


Lately I have sensed and have fell victim to being part of senseless negative gossip.  The more people I meet, the more friends I hear stories.  And they are not good.


I have debated writing something about this, due to creating more drama, but at the end of the day I thought - FUCK it.  What will happen?  Another girl blocking me or perhaps saying something nasty?  Damage is done.  Moving on.  


It seems the better you do, the more popular you become, there will always be someone jealous of you and ready for you to fail.  Now, that is common in everyday life.  But the sex industry and jealousy among independent SP's is almost more cruel and hurtful than most. Everyone is in competition, looks, branding, personality, etc.  The lies, stealing from each other, hurting each other, getting satisfaction from someone in pain - it's getting ridiculous! We NEED TO STOP!  It's not cool.

It used to really bother me if I heard something that was said about me.  Honestly, anyone who actually REALLY knows me...knows I am an honest, sweet person.  It always baffles me when someone is mean because it is so unexpected.  I always am so confused.  I was born and raised in the country with LOTS of the girl gossip thing never really interested me nor did I get it.  We would spend hours each day dirt biking, ATV'ing, and swinging from ropes in the barn.  We never fought! Guys are not like that.  Well, maybe some...but for the most part guys don't hold grudges like women do.  The whole pretentious thing baffled me too - I was always and still am a simple girl.  I buy second hand clothing, I don't have a lot of brand names, and for two months now I have debated buying a pair of Louboutins...but still can't justify the money spent on them. (Oh but fuck they are so beautiful).  Here's another hint about just how basic I am - i didn't know the difference between Louis Vuitton...and Louboutin.  (I know now, but honestly, the name sounds so familiar! HAAA!) My idea of an amazing date is just feed me steak and fuck the shit out of me.  No gifts required.  HOWEVER they are appreciated.  But like, I don't expect it.  Ever.  I love just spending time with good, kind people!

Okay going back to my original point - How did this come to be?  I get it that the world is going to shit at times, but when did we stop rooting for each other as women?  In this industry, we need to support each other.  We need to keep each other safe.  We need to uplift each other.  Guys are always going to see someone else.  Sorry but true.  And there will always be someone newer and better.  If that is actually going to bother you or become jealous about then you are definitely in the wrong industry.  If we focus on being the best we can be, personally, we cannot fail!  

There is nothing that turns a guy off quicker than a negative personality or a girl that gossips.  When you are an actual true, genuine good person, guys see that.  They will repeat.  They want more.  Cattiness, pretentious attitudes do NOT go far.  Girls thinking they are better than everyone else, or even the men they are NOT go far either.  

I write this today in hope that we can all start being more kind to one another. Don't believe all the negative gossip, unless you know it to be true first hand.  Let's not tolerate bullying or bashing other girls.  I am taking the stand today to not do that.  Any negativity will not be part of my life.

To the girls I have met in this industry that are true, genuine amazing souls - you know who you are and I love you!  To the women who are always kind in asking for references and use the word THANK YOU and PLEASE - you are amazing! AND to all the women I have met that are just in general kind and accepting of me, and supportive, thank you.  OH - and to the most AMAZING ORGY group of girls - LOVE YOU ALL! (March 17 gentlemen.....event of a lifetime!) I am so thankful for all of you.  

Let's all be nice humans!! XO.  Peace out.  Mic droppppppp

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Cassandra Cox