December '18 UPDATE



I’m writing this poolside in sunny Cancun! Siii señor!!!! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged so just wanted to update everyone with the life of CC. I’ll be back in a few days ready to see my lovely clients with a pretty amazing tan line. For once I didn’t burn. Just golden, soft sensuous soft. Oh so soft! Okay okay let’s got on with this blog. 

Recently I got a new assistant. My. Life. Is. Changed.  This girl is the bomb. Any of my clients that have communicated with her know what I’m talking about. Let’s just say organization has never been my strong suit. A few of my clients have remarked “Oh my God. You’re organized now.”  For me, it’s all about being accountable. And I’ve been juggling way too many things in my life. I knew it was time for someone to help me. Gents and ladies - meet Ava Rosa. AKA Game Changer. Ava handles all emails, correspondence and screening. And she’s absolutely phenomenal. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in this industry. I was starting to get extremely overwhelmed.  From having to cancel numerous dates to some personal drama. Ava has been a blessing to me and my suitors. So say hello, introduce yourself, and know you are in good hands with her! I still read every email correspondence, rest assured!

Now. On to the next subject. New website. Holllaaaaa at your girl! Oh yeah. New website is HERE! (Thanks Ava!) Here you will find a more simple, straight laced website. You want rates? Simple. Pics? Oh here you go. New pics? Oh yeah here they are as well! Members only section? Yup. Mind you, keep following my twitter for the most up to date selfies. You know I can’t resist posting almost every few days.


I’m also be introducing a slight rate increase. (groans ensue from the crowd). Stop that noise! You dudes know I’m worth it! I offer the most exceptional service, a gorgeous incall, and the longest legs known to mankind. So stop grumbling and just book me. I also recently discovered a secret talent I have that didn’t know existed.  Actually, I’ll be honest. It’s definitely happened numerous times. But not to this level. Curious? *Insert water splash emoji* Wink wink.  Oh those pre-bookings already in place will not be affected by the new rate.

On this note, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. I am so blessed and thankful to be a companion. I love what I do. Even here as I lie almost naked basking in the sun, I just can’t wait to be home and do what I love. I love meeting you guys. I love everything about this job. And I’m so thankful for everyone that supports and sees me. I will continue to treat you all like the kings and queens you are. So I wish you all a happy holiday season with your loved ones, and can’t wait to continue to bring you joy all year long. 

Xoxo, CC

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Cassandra Cox