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Recently I have been through a few life changing endeavours, from new beginnings to a new move and a new house.  I have hinted of my hiatus on twitter, and thank you for everyone for your concern.  I was going a bit too crazy with life as Cassandra Cox and my other life, and decided a much needed recharge for two weeks would be beneficial for me, for both my Cassandra alias, and myself personally.

Absolutely NOTHING is wrong or nothing to be concerned about.  There was another thing that had occurred and I am dealing with, but it's much too personal to share.  But just know, all is well!  I am happy.  I am fine.  I am feeling GREAT!

I think it's good to recharge batteries! Taking personal time is definitely a must in this industry.  Although, I still find myself involved and missing it.  I think that's how I know how much I love doing this.  I plan on aiming to return March 23, 2018, and be available that weekend in Oakville.  Then, I will be available downtown on the 27th and the 28th.  I am going to change doing the really late evenings as it was killing me.  I am a girl that LOVES HER SLEEP.  I love sleeping in.  I love getting over 8 hours rest.  I am a busy, energizer bunny and I need all the benefits from sleep that I can get! I found with really late appointments, I would be driving back home to where I live almost nodding off at the wheel!  That alerted me to step back and take some time and eliminate the really late evenings that end up in the wee early morning hours.  It's just not my thing.

Some other news: Snapchat.  I don't want to post too much excplicit or facial shots (pics of my face you dirty bastards!) on twitter.  So I've decided to make my Snapchat a free account for my followers to see glimpses of me that you don't get to see on Twitter.  To those lovely gents who purchased a Snapchat subscrition, I will be offering that $100 back in the form of a discount of a booking with me.  Therefore, if you purchased my Snapchat, next booking, $100 is taken off.  Just mention it in your email. (Although don't be sneaky I have the list of who was on it before!) Tee hee.  Since I am taking the next two weeks off to pack and move on to my new house even FURTHER away from Toronto (but a very calculated move mind you) I will have some time between furniture shopping and packing boxes to take some sexy videos for everyone.

Thank you as always for always being so kind to me, all the support, the patience with the cancellations I've had to make suddenly the last few weeks, and also just support of CC in general.  This community is certainly amazing. Kindness is ALWAYS repayed.  And I appreciate every message, email and text.  

AHHH March 23rd can't come soon enough!  Until then, I am going back to packing.  And the mountain of boxes that await me.  Blech.

 Much love, 


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