Do you see clients with disabilities?

YES!! Please let me know when you book the appointment so I may make the necessary preparations. My incall is not wheelchair accessible.

Do you see black, brown, etc. clients?

ABSOLUTELY!! Your skin colour is of no importance to me. All polite gentlemen are welcome.

Can you accommodate same day or short notice requests?

Unfortunately, due to my other responsabilities I am not able to accomodate short notice requests. If you are a new client, please book a minimum of 2 days in advance or more to allow time for screening. Regular clients may book with 24 hours notice. I prefer pre-bookings made in advance.

How should I prepare for my date with you?

What matters to me most is manners and hygiene. If both are impeccable, we will have the most amazing time.

What is your screening process?

You may use my booking form or email to get screened. When crafting your initial email, please include all the following information in point form: your full name, real cell number (not from an app), a reference from a reputable provider with an email and website, include their contact information and the last time you saw them and your LinkedIn profile link or work website. If you are missing certain information, please let me know and we can find an alternative, photo ID or deposit may be required.

What is your deposit policy?

You may be asked to leave a deposit if you are a new client, haven’t provided all the screening information, are booking a duo, are booking an extended date, have cancelled in the past or are booking far in advance. Deposits may be paid via bank transfer, email money transfer for Canadian clients or as a last resort Amazon gift card.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I understand schedules change. I ask to be given as much notice as possible with a minimum of 72hours. If cancelled with short notice, you will lose your deposit or be required to leave a deposit the next time you book or may potentially get blacklisted.
Being a NO SHOW automatically gets you blacklisted.
If I cancel on you, your deposit will be returned to you 100%, or you can use it towards a future booking. You can let me know.

What services do you offer?

When you book me, you are booking TIME to spend with me, nothing more. Therefor I will not discuss a “menu” or “services”. However, you are welcome to read my many reviews on the many boards out there.
What I will discuss is wardrobe requests, and if you are inquiring about fetishes. Screening will have to get done prior to discussing fetishes.

Can I pay in USD?

I prefer to get paid in CAD. However if for any reason you cannot pay in CAD the exchange is 1:1.

My email, text message, DM isn’t being answered, what’s wrong?

Due to the high volume of request received, messages that do not include the requested screening information or are rude will go unanswered. Please take your time when crafting your message, read my screening requirements, be polite and thorough with your information. If you want to use Twitter to ask a question, please go through my assistant @MissAvaRosa or email.
Please note: I do not book via text or DM

What is a video date?

So glad you asked! A video date must be booked like a regular appointment and you must have a Skype account prior to booking as I will need your Skype name to find you on the platform. At the designated time, I will message you prior to calling you to make sure you are ready. I will then call you and we will begin chatting. If you follow my Snapchat you know how much fun I have in front of the camera. It’s also a great way to catch up in between visits and for new clients, its a great way to get to know each other prior to our initial visit.

Would you give me a reference please?

Absolutely! If we’ve seen each other in the last 6 months from your request, I will happily give you a reference. However, for the safety of my fellow companions, I will not give references on visits older than 6 months.